Where to go from here?

Ok family, friends and readers I’ve been letting Fran run with the blog and oh my god she’s been doing a Stirling job. 170,000 views in the last 5 days, we’re blown away by all the support and generosity we are receiving from people all around the world. 

My writing skills are nowhere near Fran’s so please bare with me and my babbling.

I keep meaning to sit down and write my side of the story, to try and give a little insight into what I think went wrong for us. My head is in all out find the boat mode at the moment, with no time to sit down and concentrate on writing it all up. I’ll get there soon I hope.

I’ve put help posts on various sailing forums in hope that someone comes back to me saying they’ve spotted the boat. I’ve had a lot of positive help and advice feedback, but I’ve also had numerous people giving me the should’ve, would’ve, could’ve comments. 

Within hours of posting on the first forum I had a guy contact me, offering me to come and stay on his yacht, then we could go out and search for Dove II. His name is John Blair from Tenby, wales onboard his 42′ Bavaria ‘BALLYHOO’in Falmouth harbour Antigua. When I met John , we got along great as we had a lot in common. He runs a mackerel fishing boat out of Tenby and has spent his life on the sea. I cannot express in words how grateful I am. 

I also want to thank Glenn Tuttle the net manager at Seven Seas cruising association’s HF radio service “KPK” who has links with the US Coastguard and Navy and Chris Parker from marine weather and communications. 

Finally thank you to Will Marks for setting up a gofundme site and Bethany Rush for linking it to the blog by clicking help us out at the top of the home page, you’re both awesome.

13 responses to “Where to go from here?

  1. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you finding the boat. You are all awesome. Loving hearing Frans updates, they really pull at the heartstrings. All the best from the Quay! X


  2. Well done James we are all behind you and yours. You are in our thoughts and we are thinking though positive thoughts all the time. You and your family are heroes and it is so good to hear that you’ve had lots of support, help and friendship. We at the extended portion of the Higgins family love you so much and are rooting for you all xxxx


  3. Coombsie – just caught up with all this today 12.1.17 after Chris sent me a link. You don’t ever do anything by half measures. Very emotional read. Glad you and yours are ok. Our thoughts are with you. Hope you find the boat very soon.


  4. Hi James good luck with your search have everything crossed in the hope you find her. Good things will happen whatever the outcome love to you all. Much love Wendi xxxxx


  5. A big hello to you all. We follow your blog daily ,and you guys have been amazing .Hope all turns out ok for you and you can carry on your adventure .lots of love Pat Malcolm Roy Xxxx


  6. Hi Coombes family – I’ve read your story with interest and obviously huge sympathy to you all – could I speak to you for BBC News please? direct 00441752234509 jonathan.morris@bbc.co.uk

    Jonathan Morris
    Broadcast Journalist
    Work: +44 (0)1752 234517
    Mobile +44 (0) 7711 349022
    BBC Broadcasting House, Seymour Road, Mannamead, Plymouth, PL3 5BD
    Email pics to yourpics@bbc.co.uk.
    Put my name and BBCPLYMOUTH in the subject field.
    Or tweet them to @BBC_HaveYourSay or text +44 7624 800 100.
    Or WhatsApp us on +44 7525 900971.
    Read our terms and conditions.


    • Hi, at the moment we are just trying to sort ourselves out. We have been told about the media interest at home, at no point have we authorised any of it.
      Our only interest at the moment is to recover our boat and carry on with our journey.
      Thank you for your offer but at this time we are unable to accept.
      Fran and James Coombes


  7. Hi James and Fran, I’ve been reading the story and following the blog about recovery of the boat ever since. Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you guys every now and than to support you in your quest getting back on track. Just keep on doing what you think is best, follow you heart and dont give up. It is not only the journey, it is the destination you are going to. It will happen at wherever the direction is. Hang in there, at some point the boat will be found….! Good luck and try to enjoy everything as much as you possibly can!


  8. I hope things work out for you. Just another live aboard sailor here. Read about what happened. Went to the ‘gofundme’ site to help but it was closed. Glad no one was hurt and hope you find your boat and get back to your dream. Don’t give up.


  9. Hi James, hope you are ok. Remember me, Alex and my SV Apaleo here in SXM. Saw you yesterday passing by. I offered you my help a few weeks ago to search for your vessel, but don’t know exactly about your next steps at this time.
    If you have time and inner Silence, Buzz me on CH 10 and come over for a nice Dinner
    Bring your Kids and John as well.
    Again, if the Moment is proper for you.
    Im standing by hearing from you.


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