We started the week with a little jolly over to Scrub island, Anguilla with Royce on Brisa302. What a stunner of a spot, we were the only boat in the bay, the beach was a beautiful desert island wilderness perfect for exploring, a right hander pounded on the point and there were blowholes everywhere!! For Heath and James it doesn’t get much better. In fact this was Jims paradise, this was what he had imagined our trip to be and within minutes of being anchored we had piled in the dinghy and raced across the bay to inspect the heaving rights coming in on the point. It was great fun navigating the swell and very quickly Jim frothing at the mouth we returned to Brisa302 to grab the boys boards. Isla and I stayed aboard Brisa whilst Royce, Jim and a super excited but not keen to get in (it was an intimidating wave) Heath headed back to surf. Isla and I watched from the boat as Jim got wave of the day/week/trip with a stonking, roomy barrel, we hooted from the boat, Heath hooted from the dinghy, Royce hooted as he was paddling back out and Jim well I think you could of heard him back in St Martin. Suffice to say only Royce and Heath came back an hour or so later leaving Jim in his happy place. We left him to it and headed to the beach where we got to leave footprint paths on pristine sand, explore the scrub and play in the shore break. We finally persuaded Jim out of the surf and enjoyed a beautiful sunset barbecue, complete with kite flying aboard Brisa. 

The following morning the surf had dropped so Isla and I swam whilst the boys went to shower in the blowholes, snorkelling followed along with rummaging along the shoreline and before long it was time to leave, it had taken three hours to motor up from St Martin but with a perfect 10 knot wind and the spinnaker up we flew back to Marigot in just over an hour. That was it our time with Royce was coming to an end, he gave James and I one last treat, an hour alone that evening whilst he spoilt the children with huge ice creams and rides on the carousel and then the following morning he headed home to New Zealand and we moved on land. We have found a boat in St Martin, put an offer in and are now waiting….. waiting is a pain in the arse but we have filled the time, the children and I spent an educational day at the butterfly farm, we hiked across the island from the west side up and over the highest point, pic paradise to Orient bay on the east coast (with no whinging from either child), we’ve fished from the dinghy in Marigot bay and we’ve eaten a lot. By the end of this week we will know!! either moving aboard the boat or flying home?? It’s weird but I’m not sure which one I’d prefer.

7 responses to “Waiting 

  1. Otto says it looks very very beautiful, he can’t believe how tall Isla has got. Arlo says have fun Heath, keep enjoying the adventure. Looks amazing all, enjoy every second x


      • Otto would love that ❤ have really enjoy reading your adventures with the boys, i hope all works out as you hope.


  2. Hey you lovely lot… Fingers & toes crossed for the boat…🤞
    Your adventures & photos & words are fabulous..
    Thinking of you often.. But I hope I don’t see you too soon..Ha..xxx


  3. ….same. You’ve come this far and overcome so much. I love reading about your adventures.
    I really hope you get the boat and can continue for a while yet. Love ❤️ fran xxxx


  4. Hello Coombes family!! Haven’t visited your blog for ages, and was reminded by Noah asking me how Heath is getting on. Fantastic photos, love the photo of the kids selling shells. Heath, Noah says a BIG HELLO!!! and would like to know if you have seen any stingrays?? What an experience you are all having amazing oportunity. Love The Potters xx


  5. I hope your adventure doesn’t end just yet! I’ve enjoyed your blog and seeing kids of the roughly the same ages as mine have an adventure of a lifetime. From Martin and family on the loop head peninsula in Ireland.


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