Another week has whistled past at light speed, we’ve done the laundry, washed sheets and changed bedding, done the supermarket shop, cleaned the kitchen, filled up the water tanks, found new school books etc. 

We went beachcombing along a wild,rocky beach behind Trellis collecting mountains of shells, conch, sea urchins for the children to sell at their shell shop, little entrepreneurs (though they didn’t actually sell any!) but it was a good way to spend a day.

 We surfed into the moonlight at Josiahs bay followed by a bonfire on the beach to warm up (it was cold!) for Steves birthday. 

We made pancakes and tossed them as high as Puffin would allow on Shrove Tuesday, went for a lovely day at Little bay with Natasha and her family which included an exquisite barbecue and lots of babies to squeeze.

 James spent a night trying out a variety of rums at our new next door neighbours boat and finally we got to have a little catch up with Andrew and Arwyn and admire the beauty that is Tilly Mint once agin. On top of all this we’ve continued school, Heath is now receiving FaceTime maths lessons with my dad which is awesome and I’m learning so much! Thanks dad x 
There has been, as always a lot of time spent surfing, small days, big days, foamy fun days, tandem days and the gorgeous Val took some pics of Heath surfing Cane garden that he wants to share. Thank you Val x 

And finally I managed to download the last Harry Potter book on to the kindle, Heath read them all whilst crossing the Atlantic except for the last third of the very last book which is lying open at the page in the cockpit of Dove II, nearly three months later he gets to know the ending! Terrible parenting. 

5 responses to “Normality 

  1. The shell shop is beautiful and the photos of the kids surfing are gorgeous!! Both coming on a storm.
    Gabe can’t wait to have a surf buddy on your return!
    Loving your normality. Nice to get into a bit of a rhythm with your days.
    Miss you for ☕️🍰

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