Blog help!!

We are trying to change our blog from .com over to .org, so we can start using more plugins. We’ve looked into it and it looks a bit confusing, we are scared that we’ll lose our posts during the change over. Does anyone have any experience in doing this that could maybe help us out?

3 responses to “Blog help!!

  1. Hi. I can only suggest contacting Scott on the “boat fam” utube channel. A recent liveaboards family , they are in Marsh harbor Bahamas at moment and he runs a company using WordPress and managing websites I think so should know and might be sympathic. Don’t know how you get in touch unless you leave a comment on his daily posts. Cheers Warren

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  2. I watched the video from Tilly Mint (Monday Never) about Mid Atlantic. I have sailed Australia and Indonesia a little and the story touched me. Maybe this is a way I can help you guys out.

    I have a lot of experience with domains & hosting. I could write a short story about the process in this comment, but it is probably easier for you to contact me on email supplied if you still looking for a helping hand 🙂


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