Trellis bay

I can spend hours sat in the cockpit of Puffin in Trellis bay simply watching the world go by. It is never the same, the wind has come from every direction while we’ve been here, so when you come outside you’re always looking at something new as the boat swings around on the mooring. As well as the different view each day, people leave, people arrive, different boats of all descriptions, some small, some huge and with every new arrival some drama inevitably unfolds.

 Since being here we have seen three boats run aground, the best one was towed off by their dinghy by attaching a halyard from the mast to the back of the dinghy and pulling the boat over onto its side so the keel could be dislodged and the boat manoeuvred away from the shallows, so with wife? on the wheel and husband? in the dinghy it began and it was fun to watch, over and over they worked the boats until finally the yacht comes free and with engine going strong it almost pulls the dinghy under from the stern, a lot of shouting always accompanies these situations. We’ve had dragging anchors move boats around the bay in squally conditions, normally at night so it’s really fun, people bleary eyed appearing on deck and realising that they’re not where they should be, it’s very cruel as its normally pouring with rain, pitch black and howling wind, resetting an anchor is not what you want to be doing at two, three, four in the morning. 

My favourite visual however is always the pick up of the mooring buoy, it may sound cruel but it is such entertainment. We’ve all done it, miss on the first go, start shouting at each other, go around for a second attempt, miss again, brilliant. The best is when the man steps forward to take over the pick up because obviously it’s the women’s fault and then misses himself, awesome every time. 

Some other highlights were the young guy on a large, expensive looking yacht coming in to a very busy mooring area. He aimed for the buoy, ran up the front, grabbed the hook, hooked the buoy, attached the lines, ran back down the boat, manoeuvred at the wheel for a second, ran back up, twiddled some ropes, ran back, looked around, it was done so well I felt like giving him a round of applause but just as I was about to, he ran back up the boat released the buoy and set about doing it all again only on the buoy a little to the left. Again it was performed with high energy and skill levels, I was exhausted just watching him. 

The charter boats full of excited (maybe drunk) groups are also a giggle, I’ve been flashed some fabulous sets of boobies as I’ve sat enjoying a cup of coffee, Jim hasn’t been flashed yet and is I think a little disappointed. We’ve had the titanic theme song recreated karaoke style (loudly) and with dance moves just nearby, the highlight of this was the neighbouring boat yelling at them to go away!! And finally, as in all areas where boats congregate the fabulous nude scenes played out metres away, as if the boat is a protective bubble that shields your dignity by creating a barrier people can’t see through…. always first thing in the morning as you come outside and raise your cup of tea to your mouth, there it is, bent over bottoms!!! Or the fruit bowl shot as my brother calls it. Coming up ladders, going down ladders, just bent over in the cockpit to air them out, I’m not sure, but they are a joy and we have all become accustomed to the nakedness that exists at sea, although eye spy is now banned having been deemed a high risk game. We however are not allowed to partake in such fun as have been told my the oldest small, “mum, do not even get your boobies out!” gutted, it looks such fun.

4 responses to “Trellis bay

  1. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚…I can just picture the scene! So funny. I love a spot of people watching myself.
    …keep your boobies to yourself Mrs Coombes!!
    P.S. Heath is ripping!! Much excitement in this house enlarginging pics last night. ๐Ÿ„๐Ÿป๐Ÿ„๐Ÿป
    Missed you the other day Fran as I was making your pizza recipe. Pancake day today too!!
    Much love. Happy travels. Fran xxxx


    • Gorgeous fran, what’s wrong with my boobies?!!!!! They have the white glow to equal a set of headlights right now. Heaths doing awesome he’s become a bit of a celebrity in the surf breaks of Tortola, paddling out in sizeable swells, I sit chewing my nails, like you in the old days, but have to admit have relaxed now as he’s cracked the duck dive and so is doing really well. Got Isla going in now too, which is very exciting for parents who both want to surf at the same time. Loads of love fran love fran xxx


  2. Love it! A proper insight into life on a mooring. I can picture you sitting on deck with a nice cup of tea, watching the world and naked people go by. Sounds awesome! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป


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