Gone surfing

So another week has flown by and no, no sightings of Dove II. We have been land based for some of the week which has been a nice change, mainly due to the shower but also for the view and the location, Long bay with a view to Apple bay. So a very easy surf check, basically sit up in bed and either jump up and out or lay your head back down. The week has consisted of school, spring tests, surfing and searching for boats. We met Miles at Nanny Cay marina who showed us around the yard, this included a ride on the rib which was a highlight for the children and me. We saw a beautiful boat but most of the hull was missing due to an encounter with the reef, another one in the bay which is floating and a lush shape but it has nothing inside or out! So basically still searching. 

We have mainly lived in the surf and loved every second.

And with all that each day …….. by 7, zonked! 

8 responses to “Gone surfing

    • Hi the burts xxxx just seen this so sorry to take so long to reply. Isla is loving the bath water and Heath well I don’t see him now unless I go in the surf!!! Loads of love to you guys fran xxxx


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