We had a great sail from Virgin Gorda to Anagarda and even though it’s only 12 miles away you cannot see it until you’re literally on top of it due to its being so flat. We anchored in a beautiful long bay, with pristine sand and turquoise sea and a cheeky right hander at the end of the point. It was so shallow the kids were banned from diving headfirst off the boat and instead of turtles popping up every few minutes like in Virgin Gorda we were treated to spectacular flying acrobatics from the Eagle rays who flew through the air especially around dusk and dawn. James, Heath and myself all got to surf the right on the point with absolutely no one else around, it was quite far offshore with a large area of reef in front so the simplest way was to dinghy over and anchor in the channel.

 Royce got to show off his kite surfing skills and then thrilled Heath to bits by letting him ride on his back, shooting across the waves, flying up in the air, Heath had the biggest grin on his face as he kept hurtling past me, sat on the boat. I think Royce ended up regretting this as he was then pestered for another go for the remainder of the stay. 

We spent one day over at Loblolly bay on the Atlantic side it was gorgeous, wild, windswept and again empty of people. When we arrived James and I sat on the beach both in silence, the sea was immense, I was now used to the Caribbean Sea and when I thought about Dove II I imagined her bobbing around, slowly making her way to land, I had forgotten the power of the Atlantic and as we watched huge breakers hit the reef and the crazy conditions out at sea I think we both thought shit Dove II is definitely going to struggle to survive this. We have still had no sightings, nothing, six weeks have passed by and not even a hint and after seeing that reef, the forth biggest in the world and with the drift pattern saying that she’s around there, well…. 

We snorkelled the reef which was good but quite challenging with strong currents and wind and then headed to the salt ponds to watch the flamingos. We chatted to the locals,no boats had been spotted and fortunately no yachts have been washed up on the reef, we stayed three days and then set sail back to Virgin Gorda to sort out an extension to stay in the BVIs a little longer, the surf looks good for the next week in Tortola so Royce is keen to stay before heading back to St Martin. 

We arrived at The Baths where we anchored for a couple of days, alternating immigration and snorkelling, the water here is just crystal clear and the snorkelling is brilliant. Isla from the moment of jumping off the boat could be heard continuously squeaking words out of her snorkel as she saw more and more fish, it was just delicious, I am so proud of her confidence in the ocean and how she is always excited when she sees under the surface. We snorkelled all around the granite boulders and through the caves and ponds and the children were in heaven. After hours James and I left them to it and sat on the boat listening to them, Heath whistling through his snorkel whilst Isla continued emitting the excited squeaks and “Heath look at this fish” noises. 


2 responses to “Anagarda

  1. Wow it is so exciting for you all ,how wonderful for Heath &Isla to have such a fab time and experience all these wonderful adventures. Keep positive and love to you all xxx


  2. Wow, I’m Caseys mum, just using his WordPress account. We were told about your story – as we are originally from newquay too and now live on our yacht in the med – we watched your rescue video and I’ve read your blog up to date today!

    What an ordeal you guys have faced, it’s such a shame that there have been no sightings of your yacht! Don’t give up though, as you know anything can happen.

    If we were in your area you would be welcomed aboard, we would do anything to help….. but for now I’ll just cross fingers, legs, toes and pray that Dove 2 turns up somewhere!

    Much love Lynne


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