Heaths days.

01/02/17 Another day on Brisa302 anchored in Virgin Gorda, North Sound.
Today we went snorkelling and we got towed behind a dinghy on my surfboard which was great fun. Royce got some awesome footage on the drone.

02/02/17 Tortola. Today we went to Tortola, we met Natasha, we went surfing and saw puffin Natashas yacht. We got to go in a ferry, hire car and a Dingy to get there we drove over all the Mountains we had an awesome day.

03/02/17 Today we went to Saba rock and did my maths and after that me daddy and Isla went exploring prickly pear Island, we walked all over the island and got lost in hermit crab forest. Daddy said at the start don’t fall over, so Isla and I didn’t fall over then right at the end Isla got in the dingy and dangled her legs in the water and then i got in the dingy but while I was doing it I fell onto my bottom with my legs up in the air like a stranded beetle and knocked Isla into the water ha ha ha?


5 responses to “Heaths days.

  1. Heath Coombes that is no way to treat your little sister. Knock her in the water by all means but don’t laugh. I bet she didn’t mind anyway, I think she’s part mermaid. I love all the things you’re doing. It’s great that you managed to FaceTime Becs and school. It was lovely to talk to you all today. Keep on having fun. Lots of love to you all. Grandma, Tony, Migs, Molly and Mr. Tibbs. xxxxxx


  2. It’s a freezing frosty morning here Heath. Need to wear more than just a pair of shorts.
    I hope Saba Rock is a good place to do maths.
    Love GrandPa xxx


  3. Hello Heath what a wonderful time you are having ,it must be great to wake up to glorious sunshine each day –must say I am very envious.Say a big hello to daddy mommy and Isla for me and keep on having fun. Lots of love Auntie Pat xxxxxx


  4. Hi super star great pics of diving looks like u r going to take after dad.the golf ⛳ course has been flooded and was closed last Friday .can u please send us some of your good weather lots of love ❤ to u all and heath look after your sister love and kisses 💋 Grandad xxxx


  5. Hi Heath. It’s great to hear all of the amazing things you are up to. Archie loves me reading the things you write about and looking at the pictures. He’s even managing to read some himself! Lots of love to you all. Beana, chris Archie Rose Peanut and Rockey. Xxx😘

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