Atlantic crossing by Heath.

Atlantic crossing 
When we left Tenerife we saw dolphins, whales and massive tuna, also lots of colourful boats. We caught dorado and tuna and our longitude presents were a paddling pool , water pistols , chalks, torches, sweets , sweets and sweets. I was super happy. Three marlin stole our lures and we got towed behind the boat which was super fun. 

On the 18th day of the crossing something really bad happened our rudder fell off only two days off Barbados, in rough seas and strong winds. First Daddy swam down to check everything, the rudder had disintegrated Daddy tried to make another rudder, it didn’t work . Four hours later at 1 o’clock in the morning a 190 m cargo ship called new seas Jade came to help, Me, Tony, Mummy and Isla tried to get on new seas Jade but it was too dangerous so we didn’t do it, we were all scared it was like a ghost ship looming up on us in the dark. The next day another cargo ship came called Asia pearl it was 180 m long that was too dangerous to . The next day a yacht called Tilly Mint came it was a 67 foot discovery. We got in a life raft and floated over to Tilly Mint .It was super scary because we saw Tilly Mints bottom over and over again. Finally we got on Tilly Mint, I met Andrew, Arwyn,Will, Cat and Dan. Then daddy came and I was super happy 😊 3 days after we arrived in Martinique and said goodbye to our rescuers.

I loved the whole crossing except for the three days we had no rudder and would do it all again if possible. 

The End


6 responses to “Atlantic crossing by Heath.

  1. Well done Heath , I so enjoyed reading your blog. Hope you had a great birthday. lots of love Auntie Pat xxxxxx


  2. Hi 🙋 heath hope u had a good 10th birthday 🎂 good blog lots of love ❤ and hugs missing u loads ill have to find a new golfing partner grandad xxxxxxx


  3. Wonderful retelling of your story my lovely. I love the image of the ‘ghost ship’ looming up out of the darkness, it sent a shiver down my spine. I’m glad you had a lovely birthday. Speak to you soon. Much love to you. Grandma, xxxxx


  4. Hey Heath
    Wow you sure have had an adventure.. There’s some good photos there..
    Happy Birthday to you, cor blimey your growing up..
    I’m sure you had plenty of sweetie.. Xx


  5. Wow what an adventure you have been on, such a brilliant story and your photos show us what a brilliant time you have had, l hope it continues look forward to your next addition. Hope you had a lovely birthday thinking of you all. Lots of love Auntie Wendi xxxxxx


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