Atlantic crossing by Isla 

Atlantic crossing Our rudder broke off in the middle of the deep blue sea. We felt lonely and scared in the big, wavy ocean. But then a huge 190m cargo ship came but it was rolling about and very dark so we didn’t go along the ship. I was terrified, that one stayed so we weren’t alone. The next day another cargo ship came, that one was rolling too so we didn’t go up the side of that. After three days of rolling Tilly mint came all of us except daddy got in a life raft which was like a small paddling pool with a roof. As soon as I got in I wanted to get out because I thought it would pop or tip over. Mummy lifted me to Will then I was in the cockpit, I felt safe but sad because of daddy. But then daddy got in a life raft too so I felt safe and happy. We got to make peanut butter cookies, watch movies and play games with Kat, Andrew and Will. On the last day we saw dolphins as we arrived in Martinique. THE END🌊😁☀️❤️👊🏻🐬🐬🎣


6 responses to “Atlantic crossing by Isla 

  1. Hey Isla… When your mum asked me to be your Godmother I said..”Oh I’ll be rubbish”
    She said ” You can tell Isla about your crazy adventures”
    I said ok…
    And I’ll share them when she’s 16….
    But I recon you’ll tell me your crazy, brave adventures sooner…xxxx


  2. Wow Isla you have been a very brave girl Just enjoy your adventure from now on.Lots of love from Auntie Pat xxx


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