Lanzarote to Tenerife by Heath 

We left the marina at 9 o’clock . In the first couple of hours Me and Isla felt not sea sick  but Isla Jinxed it we felt sick great ! We had a sandwich  Isla fell asleep lie down time then daddy doing jobs  I’m having kwells .  It’s nighttime  loads of stars and phosphorescence . But the bad thing is that Tony is being sick in a bucket yuck !

It’s morning time just me and daddy up dolphins every where they stayed with us for ages   Mummy up now more dolphins only a couple though Isla up even more dolphins millions I sat dangling my legs over  the bow of the boat  we got to Tenerife at 1 o’clock horrayy .


3 responses to “Lanzarote to Tenerife by Heath 

  1. You’re learning very early about the “commentators kiss of death”. I bet you felt fine until Tony started throwing up and Isla started talking abou it. Migvy’s is sleeping at night at the side of me. He did need to have a pee at about 4.30am but so did I so I can’t blame him can I? My ears don’t flap like his though. Mr Tibbs is sleeping on my bed and acts as a deterrent to Migs, though Migs did land on him one night. It was as though he was on springs, ‘ he shot up in the air and remained hanging there, while the hair on his socks turned grey’. Don’t worry, Migs is still off white but he slept in his bed.
    Keep dangling your legs lovely. Xxxxx

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  2. I love the sound of the night time on the boat with the stars and phosphorescence, it sounds magical. Tony being sick in a bucket not so magical! Poor Tony. We keep thinking of you. Xx


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