Oh my goodness, we’re off in the morning!!!!

And by the looks of these pics it’s about time to, obviously way too much time on the crews hands!!! 

We have waved off Roy and welcomed Tony, tried to sink the boat with a little help from Lidl s, which required filling the hire car with shopping and Jim doing relays back n forth to the Marina with me hanging out with trolleys in the car park. 

We were hopeful to leave today but the sails were a day late arriving and so we’re off in the morning, I would have liked to leave with all the boats racing in the RORC but I don’t think Jim would have slept for the duration due to the moment there’s another sail on the horizon it becomes a race!

We are pitstopping in Tenerife where we plan to fill the boat with fuel and refill the gas bottles and then that will be it… I am both excited to be moving again and massively anxious of the long crossing. X Fran


12 responses to “Oh my goodness, we’re off in the morning!!!!

  1. I am gripped to your blog Fran! It’s such a great read, lovely to see pics too.
    Sending you lots of bravery and love for your crossing. You will get into a daily routine I am sure.
    We are into our last three days of packing/organising now. Dropped marms up to my
    Mums today for his Christmas holidays! 😥
    See you on the other side my friend, hugs and hot showers await!! Love to all xxxfran


  2. Bon voyage! Have a most excellent adventure xx Jim, it’s not a race. Heath stay blond, Isla keep loving those teddies and Fran stay strong,Tony enjoy the ride Xxx it’ll be amazing x we love you all lots x


  3. Safe passage all,
    Following your progress with great interest (and not a little envy)
    We are flying back on Friday from Barbados so our vapour trail may cross your wake….
    Have a good one.


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