Nearly time to go


So a week has flown by, some successful days and some very frustrating ones.  Arrecife is full of activity as the RORC (a transatlantic race) leaves this Saturday, this has been brilliant to see all the racing boats including one of the fastest in the world, an Italian Maserati trimaran which has crossed the Atlantic in 5 days before and took just 3 days to get here from Italy.  However bad for us as the people we need to help with our jobs are very busy fixing up the ones in the race!! We have succeeded in fixing the freezer, having the sails repaired, redone the rigging, fixed the anchor light, fixed the fresh water pump (jims favourite job) cleaned out the bilges ( my favourite!!!!- more like punishment) , replaced the rollers etc etc. On top of this 2 lots of laundry, schoolwork and entertained children! Can’t wait to be back at sea to sit down.

Each job was filled with its own dramas, for me even laundry took all day, firstly all the coins got jammed and I had to beat the  machine into submission, this included a variety of passerby s who each took a turn, finally washed I hung it out only for it rain for 5 minutes every half hour!! On the last attempt just as they were dry next door but ones boat who was filling his water tanks with a hosepipe had nipped inside for a brew when the hosepipe shot out and cascaded water through the air directly into my dry laundry!!! A few swear words were uttered internally as we all raced to create a human shield. We were unsuccessful and the laundry stayed on the line well into the evening…

Not one job was without its little, painful moments, but with a few arguments and lots of hugs we have definitely made the list smaller.

The children however have had a great time, they’ve made Roy walk miles going to the beach, the castle, the museum lots of ice cream shops and endless hours fishing off the front of the boat, this has been very successful and we even had black bream for dinner one night caught by the kids.   There has been dramas with the fish though and they got their revenge on Heath by one large one jumped off the hook in the last wind of the rod causing the lead to shoot upwards and whack Heath , he has a rather fetching (pirate) black eye now.  This hasn’t deterred them though, in fact they were last seen stalking one massive barracuda along the pontoon!!!

We are looking to leave this weekend but the weather doesn’t look brilliant so will keep you posted, I don’t mind there’s a very nice cafe next to the boat which sells the most delicious pastries xx fran



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