Isla’s first week at sea. 

When I left land I was sick but happy that I was on the boat with my nice little family .We saw two different types of dolphins ,two whales  and caught two bonito  tuna it was delicious. I was excited to get to lanzarote.  I did’nt like sleeping with my big brother, but I’m happy I’ve got my teddies back. Isla


6 responses to “Isla’s first week at sea. 

  1. Hi lovely Isla, what a first week, all those amazing things you have seen. Mark is so jealous about your fishing skills. Xxx


  2. Hello my lovely. It’s super to hear all the things that you are doing and to know about all the things you have seen. Do you know I’ve never seen dolphins or whales. Please keep writing the blog. I would love to be there. Migvy’s asleep on the sofa next to me. Mr. Tibbs is asleep on Migvy’s bed.xxxxx


  3. Hey Gorgeous Girl x Wow, you’ve done alot, it must have been amazing seeing the whales and dolphins and you’re already looking like an expert fisherman. So pleased you’re reunited with the teddies…phew. Is Heath snoring?!! Love your blog and pics, looking forward to more 🙂 lots of love, Aunty KT xxxx ps the weather here is rubbish! Wish I was with you! Xxx

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  4. It’s always nice to have your own teddies to cuddle. Poor Fiona has had to have a tooth our and is feeling very sad. Lots of love GrandPa xxx

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