The list of jobs is VERY LONG, it’s not exciting so let’s just say 2 days of jobs and the list is still very long . Highlight of jobs was Heath scrubbing the hull of the boat balancing on the paddle board, Isla and Roy kept sneaking off to fish and caught a multitude of mullet.  We are off early tomorrow morning from Nazare heading to lanzarote, James is itching to leave whilst I am a little nervous…. we will see what tomorrow brings. See you in the canaries xx


3 responses to “Jobs

  1. Hello lovelies…lovely to read of your journey so far.
    Thinking of you loads and wishing you (Fran and the kids) (and Roy!) all the best for your maiden voyage in your delicious boat!!
    Breath and take it all in Fran. A whole new world and home to get used to.
    Sending love and hugs.
    ❤️ Fran Warren Gabe and Bella. Xxx


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