I am the neurotic of this story, as a mother with all the what if’s troubling my mind I have questioned the decision to do this over and over. I have switched from excited and let’s do it to ahhhh how do I make it stop!!  I wasn’t always this way and travelled endlessly for 5 years on my own lapping the world searching for surf and sunshine, enjoying endless adventures from hitch hiking around New Zealand to  riding roofs of buses, amongst the luggage through Laos. I met James and grounded (grew up) we had a beautiful family, wonderful friends and great jobs.  I suppose the urge for adventure was fulfilled with the adventure that is relationships, love, babies, toddlers and work.  James planted the seed for life at sea awhile ago but for me the children were too small, three years later and we are a week from leaving, I am every type of emotion.


6 responses to “Fran

  1. I am alright really, really, really alright, Fran and Chris. I don’t write this and go and sit and weep. Love the photos and the FaceTime. You all look so well, happy and just beautiful. Xxxx


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